This is a photographic tour
of our beautiful condo in Powderhorn Lodge.

Please Click here for photos of the two new lifts at Solitude!

We will start our virtual tour of our condo with the floor plan.

The condo contains two private bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, fireplace, and deck. There are HDTV's and DVD players in each room. The family room contains a networked bluray player so you can listen to Pandora (provided) or watch Netflix movies (with your account).

The room on the left has a separate entrance, and a door to the rest of the unit. We expect that for families, the parents may want to use this room as the master suite due to the spaciousness, the beautiful views, and the private bathroom.

  This is the bedroom suite.

This picture shows the main area of the bedroom suite. It contains a queen size bed, a sofa sleeper, plenty of storage space, and an HDTV with a DVD player.


Relax looking out the seven foot windows, what a movie, or curl up and read a book. This space can be used for privacy or a gathering place.

The bed is a queen bed. The sofa is a sleeper sofa and can be folded out to sleep two.

  This shows the stunning views of the mountain when sitting on the sofa through the seven foot high windows! The tall gable roof over the window results in an unblocked anywhere in the room.

Our condo is on the fifth floor, whereas the rest of the building is four floors tall. This gives us a good view of the mountain looking over the rest of the building.


The bedroom suite has plenty of storage, and a private bath. Pamper yourself with high count Egyptian cotton sheets and fluffy towels.


This is the private bedroom.

This room contains a king size bed, with mirrored sliding closet door, and built-in flat-screen TV. The window looks out upon Powderhorn peak.

Wake up to this view from your king size bed when you are in the private bedroom! This view is when resting on the bed. The overhanging roof and deck outside the window partially obstruct the view when standing in the room.
This is the wide view out the bedroom window when sitting on the bed.
  The bathroom is right across the hall.

It contains a full size tub and shower. You can soak your tired muscles after a day of skiing.

This is the entrance into the kitchen, eating, and living room areas.

The private bedroom and bathroom are on the right, as well as the entrance to the private suite. There is an entry way closet with hangers. Additional hangers are by the bedroom suite door and in the private bedroom.

  Kitchen, bar, and dining area

The unit contains wireless networking. In February 2013 Powderhorn will increase the bandwidth by 10 times due to fiber optic cabling that came in due to the Verizon 4G tower.

This is the spacious kitchen.

The kitchen is fully stocked with appliances and dishes for when you want to cook a gourmet meal, throw a dish into the oven or microwave, or just order a pizza from the village.

  Cozy Family Room.

Enjoy a fire, watch a movie, or listen to soothing music. A networked bluray player is provided with a Pandora account. You can also watch movies on Netflix if you type in your account. (Make sure to disable it from home when you return.)

The living room and dining area.

The sofa is a queen size sofa sleeper. We have provided some classic books and games. The sliding double doors lead out to the deck, which is a great place to hang out on sunny afternoons.

  This is the view looking straight out from the deck.

Since we are on the 5th floor and the rest of the building is four stories high, we overlook the buildings to see the mountains.


This is the view from the deck looking to the left up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

The Brighton ski resort, popular among the snowboarders, is just to the left of the photo.

This is the view of the private Powderhorn courtyard showing our building's private hot tub.

You also have access to the swimming pool, hot tubs, and exercise, and recreation rooms of Club Solitude at not charge.


Sometimes you don't need to leave your deck to see the wildlife!
The following pictures are of the moose that decided to visit us
and relax in the Powderhorn Courtyard in the summer of 2007.
The entrance to the famous Powderhorn Lodge from the village.

Our unit is near the entrance and the elevators that also run to the underground parking garage.

  This is the front of the Powderhorn lodge with it's distinctive clock tower. This shows the plaza that is in front of the lodge.

The Stone Haus with its famous pizza is just to the left of Powderhorn Lodge. The hotel and Bernard's restaurant is on the right of this picture. Creekside restaurant is just to the left.

This picture is taken from the plaza in front of Powderhorn Lodge looking over the bridge to the ski lifts. The tree in the right of the picture is the tree in the plaza of the above picture.

Bernard's restaurant is on the left and Creekside Restaurant is on the right of this picture. You can see the Powderhorn and Apex lifts.

Thank you for viewing the photo tour of our property!
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