New Solitude Lift Information

This is an image of the loading area of the new high-speed detachable quad Apex chair lift. The Village is in the background.

Powderhorn lodge is the building with the clock tower. You can see the large 7-foot windows of our unit under the gable in this image.


This shows the top unloading areas of the new Apex and Moonbeam high speed detachable quads.

This picture is taken from the roundhouse. The trail map and grill, where they barbecue fantastic burgers, is shown in the foreground.


This shows the top unloading towers of the new Moonbeam lift.

  This shows the top of the new Moonbeam lift.

Notice how the lift has been moved to the top of the ridge. The previous placement was over the ridge and down into the valley past the large pine.

Also note how the ridge has been smoothed. This gives skiers access to terrain of varied steepness from nearly all directions upon unloading.


This shows the Apex loading area, village, fishing pond, and roundhouse. Our condo is in the Powderhorn Lodge - the building with the clock tower.


This photo shows the top of the Moonbeam and Apex lifts.

Brighton Ski Resort is in the background. (If you have a real good eye you can see some of their lifts.)


Thank you for viewing these photos of the new lifts.
You can reserve space here in one of the finest locations at Solitude!

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